The recently passed Infrastructure Bill is expected to invest $5 billion in Wisconsin infrastructure project over the next five years. This amount is in addition to local and State spending on infrastructure improvements, expansion and maintenance. Infrastructure funds are dedicated to sewer/water projects, road projects, bridge repair, environmental and energy projects. Develop Wisconsin is committed to connecting BIPOC owned businesses to infrastructure projects in the state of Wisconsin. Develop Wisconsin’s Business Ecosystem expands the capacity of firms to access these opportunities by providing the following support and assistance:

  • Business Technical Assistance: Develop Wisconsin provides business technical assistance to businesses seeking to participate on infrastructure projects. Technical Assistance expands the capacity of a business to secure the working capital and equipment necessary to perform the project and specified in the contract. To learn more about Develop Wisconsin’s technical Assistance, click here.
  • Financing Support and Assistance: Develop Wisconsin’s Business Financing Partners provide capital for contractors. Develop Wisconsin also provides grants for business services and technical assistance. To learn more, click here.
  • Connection to Business Services: Develop Wisconsin’s Access Wisconsin program connects businesses to providers of business services. Contractors seeking business services to find services via our Business Directory or work with a Business Development Specialist to connect with services.
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